Do you have a great idea? Cool, but hold on

How many times have you had a great idea? When you got one you think you have to move it fast to catch it before anyone else. But the truth is… Good ideas will kill you.
I’m sure you’ve heard this more than once. We never give it the attention it requires, because we ignore what we don’t want to listen to. Being honest, I’ve failed too many times to count. As human beings, we always want more. We are ambitious. Of course, we tend to think this is the right time and I ain’t fail, but the reality is great ideas are usually painful.
For a great ideas we understand for something that’s never been done before, those ideas we want to keep in secret (something we shouldn’t do). Ideas so new for the market, that requires a lot time and effort to launch.
It’s motivated to hear successful people and their stories of how the raised a billion dollar company from the scratch, with only an idea and passion. Alas, we only hear about those who success, but not from the other 99% of the population who failed  -even being the smarter guys in the world-.
The fact is that great ideas are not required.
I like the motto stop planning and start doing. Nonetheless, sometimes we need to stop and anticipate whether this project is viable or not. Take a month to think about it. Use this period to determine a business model, taking special consideration to the question, how are you going to get cash with this business? It sounds easy, but it isn’t. This is the most complicated question at the beginning and it’s essential if you want to survive in the long term. There are not so many companies who launch an app without a business model and then magically survive. For each social network who succeed, there are thousands of projects lost in the way.
Does it worth the time to invest on it?
By all means, it depends in which stage of your life you are. In my case, I’ve tried to launch some ambitious projects and no one survived. Do I regret about them? Definitely no. I’ve lost a month or two and few bucks. Indeed, those failures were the best thing it could happen to me. They taught me how to make my next move. And maybe it defines your next adventure.
What are you gonna do with that idea?