Why I don't have a résumé and you shouldn't have one

Having a résumé is comfortable. You send it to companies, they put your file next to thousands of people just like you, and you wait. You’re in the average. You’re in the mediocrity ream–and it sucks being there, because they have an excuse to reject you.
You might think: okay, let’s forget you’re being way to harsh, but if I don’t have a résumé, what do I do?
Let me tell you a short story.
I had just settled in my apartment in Shanghai when I decided I wanted a job. I wanted a job that would allow me to gain experience in the Chinese market. I wanted something interesting, not an average job. So, once I decided this, I knew I wouldn’t find that kind of job by sending a résumé.
That same night I couldn’t sleep, so I started to think about how I could this job. Then, I realized that I was better off if I show up in a company and look for it. So I opened my laptop and search companies in Shanghai. I found one… Got it! I had an address.
Next day I went to their offices and gave my best, saying:
“Good morning, I saw your website on the Internet and I think your company is interesting. I would like to get a job in a marketing position here”.
After some amazed gazes (especially some Chinese who didn’t speak English), we had an interview on the spot. We had a nice talk and I made some suggestions of what value I could bring to the table. I was selling my product in real time. I was selling how I work.
Next morning at 9am I received a phone call. They asked me to come by their office, where they ended up offering me a job.
That was how I avoided the résumé-ream-trap.
So, why do you still have a résumé?
What can you learn about my story? It wasn’t a job interview. It was a sales meeting where I showed them what I was capable of–on the spot. The truth is, nobody’s going to care about your education, experience, certifications, you name it. They want to know what you can do for them. Therefore, these three points deserve a special attention:

1) Find a way to not be in the average club: showing up at the office is a good way. Everybody won’t like that, but you take a risk worth taking.

2) Show your work in real time: a résumé doesn’t prove what you can do for them. So you better sell your product as soon as you have an opportunity.

3) Human interaction is key: we are surrounded with digital communications. Sometimes is better an offline approac.

If you have a résumé you’re going to be mediocre.
If you have a résumé you will find an average job.
If you have a résumé you will never find a great job.
If you’re remarkable you don’t need a résumé. Run a project, start blogging, create a website… Do something to not waste your time sending your résumé.
The key question is… Are you really remarkable?
Start doing something. And start it now.
Don’t be mediocre.
Find your way and make it happen.