Learn how to learn

The hidden secret behind the success of some people, is because they know how to learn.
You don’t need to come back to the university, because you can do it better by your own, in less time. Remarkable people are constantly exploring different areas of knowledge.
University is good to learn the process. But once you’ve learn it, you don’t need to come back anymore.
Therefore, you can improve any skill you want, whenever you want it. Everything is out there. Books are really amazing, they can change your life, improve your life’s quality and all for a little quantity of money.
I don’t have time for this is the extended excuse. So, you have to find a gap in your schedule to learn.
Good learners don’t read from cover to cover if the material doesn’t deserve it. Jump between lines, explore the content first, triple your reading speed and don’t feel the anxiety of finish a book just because you started it. Just leave it. You’ll come back for it if you think the content could be worth.
Learning how to learn is one of the keys to achieve your goals. Go on, start leaning something new.