Slow it down

Let me tell you something. No matter at what time you’re reading this post. I can assure you that you’ve already miss an opportunity.
At 6am in the morning, before you even wake up, you’re looking for your smartphone, you need to feed your facebook, twitter, whatsapp, email and being thankful you don’t have another social media account. How’s possible the first thing we do in the morning is that? We live in a virtual environment fully engaged with constant phone feeding.
We need to disconnect. It’s not necessary to check your smartphone each 5 minutes. It’s necessary to start observing the world how it is, instead through a screen.
How many opportunities do we miss per day? If you really think about it, when was the last time you had a great idea while using your smartphone? Best ideas come from books, observing the world and interacting with humans. If we want to achieve those ideas we need to disconnect for a while. I dare you to leave your phone at home (at least one day of the weekend). Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen.
By all means, take your time to focus and observe. Expend some time trying to understand every why you find. It’s rewarding.