Being everywhere is being nowhere

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We want to be everywhere and make the last trendy social media plastform. Nevertheless, since our resources are limited and the opportunity cost is always there, being everywhere is being nowhere.
Everybody wants to give us their opinion of how we need to do our work and where we need to be, however. They don’t realize that every business is different and, if something works for you doesn’t mean that works for me.
You should be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and don’t forget that new social media platform . Wait, why? Why do you want to be on every platform? If that works for your business, maybe you should. But are you really sure that it worth?
From time to time we forget the basics of our business. For basics I mean the stuff that your business couldn’t live without it. In general, here we talk about

  • Website and sales page
  • Email list
  • Product

That’s it. Before jumping to another platform be sure to get this done in the best way you can. Once you get it, take a look and improve it.
Frequently SEO and Facebook are key to boost your business. Though, that doesn’t mean they are a must. Each business is different, but returning to the basics will help your business to be sure you have a solid structure, because being everywhere is being nowhere.