Communication skills will create a shortcut in your career

Is not a casualty that every successful entrepreneur is a great communicator. The reality is that if you can’t communicate your ideas in the way you want, you’ll go nowhere. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you will achieve your goals.
Having communication skills will help you to achieve your goals; and for that, you need to be able to communicate them in the correct way.
Leadership is based in the way we communicate our ideas and objectives with a team. Being unable to transmit, engage and create an impact in your team, failure is assured.
Public speaking is not a talent, is a skill, and it can be developed.
Practice every day your speech. Prepare your content for the day you need it. Make some tests. Try and fail.

Have you had the feeling that the audience didn’t get the message?

Have they been distracted? Why?

Have you clarified the structure of the message in order to create an efficient impact?

How many times have you told them the message?

Tell them, tell them, tell them; and always, keep it simple. People is not as smarter as you think they are. You need to modify the message until it reaches its pure form. Open and close the speech with the main ideas you want to engage in them.
Communication is everything. If you can’t communicate your ideas, you have a serious problem. But remember, is a skill, not a talent, so it can be developed.