Details matter

Why is so difficult to get sometimes that really get the interest of the consumers? It’s simple. The problem resides in our fishbowl, where we are surrounded by 4 walls living outside the real world. We don’t understand consumers from the office, that’s why we fail.
People who have worked with me know that I always say: Okay, it’s seems a good idea. But, now, put yourself into the shoes of your customers and tell me what you see.
Simple. Straight to the root of the problem.
When was the last time you though like your customer?
You need to understand them better. You have to see through their eyes and understand the idea with their perspective.
Even better, live like them. Observe the world with their criteria.
Can you go to their homes and check how do they live? There you will find the tiny clues you need to consider.
Being aware of those details will help you to create a deeper impact in their minds. Details, that at the end, will decide whether you succeed or not.