I will never do it

I’ve always said that paper books beat ebooks every time. You can touch what you read. You can feel it. The knowledge keeps more time in your brain with paper. I haven’t changed my mind about this, but I usually read on my kindle.
What’s next? Okay, I prefer physical books but from one paper book I read, I read 20 kindle books. Why do I think that paper books are better while I’m reading from digital devices?
I’ll be sad the day when paper books disappear but, at the same time, I am contributing to that result.
I have been perceiving in Asia everybody reads books with their phones. Some smart companies saw this trend a long time ago and launched an app for reading books. You just need to take a minute in the subway station, and look around you. First, the people who is reading they do with their phones. The second group of readers they do it with a Kindle. And finally, the third group is reading with a physical group (sadly, if you find them).
This is crazy. I have to say it, I hate reading on my phone, it’s something I will never do.
Hey…nice try boy! Here is the point. It’s not if one day I will read books from my phone, it’s when. It’s a matter of time that one day I start using my phone to read books.
You can use the same takeaway for your company and the way you avoid technology. Until one day technology absorbs you and your company for not being prepared. I think we should embrace technology and stop being negative about some changes. What we say and what we do is completely different. But at least, notice the changes and be aware of them. It’s not if it’s when.