I've no idea, I was following you

Few days back I had lunch with a workmate. We went outside the office to find a restaurant and, since I wasn’t familiar with the area, I guessed she would know a good place to eat. After a few minutes talking and walking, I asked her which restaurant she had in mind. She answered me “I’ve no idea, I was following you“. Then I answered her “okay… I was doing the same!
I’m sure this happened to you a couple of times.
In business is not different. Almost every company follows their competitors and nobody knows where they are going. They are just followers. In case of doubt they check what their competitors are doing. Which means neither they nor their competitors know what is going on at all. Everybody is going nowhere.
Great companies wouldn’t be great from imitating best practices. Stop looking for ideas in your competitors site. They don’t know what they are doing. Preferably, focus on new ways to be innovative. In the long run that’s what makes a leader being at the top.