Listen nobody

From time to time listening is not an option, you just need to take your ideas and go away. As Robert Downey Jr. said once:
Listen, smile and agree. And then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway
Simple and clear.
I don’t talk about those kind of situations that you don’t want to listen because your ego is the biggest in the room. I talk about those moments, when, you know… you feel it.
You have the feeling that you’re doing a great work. You have the feeling that you are creating art. Because you’re an artist.
Do you remember when you had that meeting, that talk or whatever, and creativity didn’t come? You were blocked. You blamed yourself because you weren’t able to bring ideas to the table. But where was the problem? The problem was… you listened them. They limited you with their opinions, they limited your mind telling “this is what we have done and what we need to do is in this way.”
Damn! The problem resides in the simple act of listening.
Don’t get me wrong. Listening is a powerful tool. But you need to know where you should listen, and most important, when.
Do not listen me, do not listen them. Listen to yourself, you are gonna be right more times that you think. Find your own way of meaning and stick with it.