Printing niches is the new way to market

Imagine if you could create such as impact in the way you market, that you convert your company into the leader of a niche. Imagine if you could run a business specialized in a niche that would be so difficult to copy your business model. Specialization of a niche is not new, we know that if we narrow our market we increase positioning likelihood.  However, now with 3D printing techniques businesses won’t be the same.
In fact 3D printing it’s already changing the way we market. Right now, while you read this post.
Let’s put some context here.
Let’s suppose we are in the automotive business (again, yes, I love cars). We want to sell some interior parts of the dashboard of a car. For example some stuff for the air conducting system. As we assume, this would be to market for the masses, so we would have to fabricate thousands and thousands of parts. Okay, there are some companies who do that. It’s not a great deal, right? Nowadays, 3D printing would have no choice to be competitive with the standard ways to produce this kind of parts.
Alright, now let’s take another approach. We are working on the race cars business, like NASCAR or DTM. We offer specific services for the interior of the cars which can be customized, in order of the driver requirements, to get more comfort while she drives. Full customization, no MOQs, no production delays, no competitors.
What do we have here? A niche that can be profitable if we use 3D printing techniques.
This is just an example, and can take many, many forms of business models. 3D printing offers the possibility to customize a design for a product for customers willing to pay more.  Customers will pay more for products that are designed specifically for them. Niches are not about low pricing strategies. And that’s fantastic.
The huge opportunity is to specialize your business using 3D printers. It’s not attractive to focus on product for masses right now. Instead, find a niche and sell customized products. It’s profitable.