The beauty of audiobooks

I’ve always said that I prefer to read a book because I read faster than I listen. In terms of efficiency maybe that’s right, but not everything is about saving time. Sometimes we just need to take our time to process the content or, even better, to process it for a second round.
You can say for this purpose a book it’s still the best option, but I’ll tell you why you can process a book in a different way. Here is the beauty of it.
You can read a book and never get the 100% of the content. So many factor plays when you read a book, you can feel thoughtful or creative. Nevertheless, the conclusions we obtain for some books depends on the time we are reading them (and how experienced we are). Of course we can’t apply this affirmation to every book, but you know what kind of books I’m talking about. The books that are so good that deserves going through them 2, 3 or more times.
The main advantage of audiobooks is that the author (or whoever the speaker is) can emphasize when she thinks is important. Through her voice the message can transmit passion… and that is so valuable.
Some books are not outstanding when we read them, but in audio version they make a difference.
Even if audiobooks take more time than reading them, don’t worry, what you take deserves the time.
Go through them everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you think you left it last time, just start listening. You will always get something.
I get this insight from Seth Godin. I think his books worth a lot on both versions, but listening one time over another his audiobooks, it truly makes sense each time you listen to them.
Now you don’t have an excuse not to learn. There’s no ROI here. What we have is the opportunity to obtain knowledge that can be undetected while we read a book.