The work that matters

Nobody cares how many hours you work. The best results can be done in minutes. That kind of decisions that create such an impact that worth its time in millions.
This is why is so important to have time for what truly matters. You have to make some common stuff, it’s okay, however. Always reserve time to focus on key points. Saving time for critical decisions is essential, otherwise you would get trapped into the day to day routine. It’s easy to lose vision when each day you’re dealing with the same work.
Knowing that, you need to establish a system to take care of it. Every reminder is more than welcomed. What I usually do is to put on the first page of my notebook the main strategic points with what truly matters (the vision that answers the question of why we are here).
Each month I change the notebook. I review it and see what important content is left, and I put on the main page again with the new purpose of the month, followed with the vision and strategic points. In that way, every time you open it you will have a reminder.
Be sure you save at least one day per week to focus only on strategic stuff and long term vision, evaluating the progress of your work.
There are tons of ways to remind yourself to focus on the strategy. Don’t get lazy, and do it. In the long term, it will worth.