What gets you off your chair?

In my apartment I have a balcony where I usually work. It’s the perfect place to get things done because it has a lot of light and the perfect level of noise to concentrate (it’s weird, but I need a certain level of noise to focus on my work). It’s ideal… or it’s not.
If you know me well, you’d notice that I love cars. My motivations usually change from time to time, but cars is a constant driven for myself. The fact is that below my balcony, I have a highway where thousands and thousands of cars are driven through it everyday. So, when I hear a nice car, I get up and see what’s coming. That’s inevitable. Specially here in Shanghai, there are tons of great cars. I know, it seems not productive. I’ve tried to keep seated and focused on my work but it doesn’t work. I need to see the car.
Maybe the fact I get up my chair every time is good. It can be productive. That’s what motives me to keep working to achieve my goals.
The takeaway here is that, understanding what gets you off your chair, is the first step to create a consistent work environment based on that motivation.
Motivations are key.
To lead your team or to convert a prospect into a customer, finding the motivation is the first step. A step that can’t be avoid.
Find out what motivates your consumers to anticipate to their requests. Or even, you can recognize the motivations of your team to create the environment they need.
So, what gets you off your chair?