Hierarchy kills creativity

Do you think that creative meetings are a waste of time and you need to put some order on them? You have a problem.
With this kind of thoughts, in the moment you arrange a meeting with the objective to tackle a problem with a different perspective, the creativity won’t appear. In the moment your team feels any  kind of hierarchy creativity is killed. Period.
Your team is afraid. The fear of saying something, the fear of offending someone, the fear of looking as an idiot, the fear of… fear. If your team feels the pressure in the room, you won’t get the results you want.
What do we do then? Create the environment that it deserves and boost the creativity.
Anyway, more than the half of the meetings are a waste of time. I hate them. You should cancel those ones and focus on other stuff. Nonetheless, I really love and enjoy creative sessions. They are so useful that the best insight will come from them. Though, it’s so easy to screw it up and kill creativity.
Make sure the environment is in its best condition.
We communicate with everything, so take a closer look of the little details; from you attitude to the distribution of the room.
Watch how’s your message and your body language. Lead in the correct way without being pushy.
Cutting hierarchy in meetings is difficult. You won’t see too many CEOs trying their best, but at the end, it’s the only way to create a creative culture. In the long run these kind of meeting will beat ROIs, because they are the essence of a company.
There’s no company with a culture. Each company is a culture.