How to deal with interruptions

Have you ever realized how much stuff do you get done at the end of the day? If you haven’t really think about it, you’ll be surprised.
As soon as you can, make a checklist of the stuff you want to do, and see how much time it takes.
You’ll realize that you don’t need to expend so much time with some of your work, but at the end your time is wasted.
It’s okay to say your door is always opened, and feel free to come whenever your want, but each interruption is delaying your work.
You need to be productive and focus.
The reality is that almost every interruption could wait.
If you work in your home on in a private space is really easy to concentrate, but if you work in an office, concentrate on something can be hard.
So, what choices do we have? It’s simple, try to avoid interruptions as much as you can, because they are the enemy of productivity.
Here’s what works for me:

Use headphones, every time. It doesn’t matter if you’re not listening music. Wear them.

Work with full screen. In this way you won’t see any new instant message.

Unable notifications.

• Every time someone ask you to do something say: If I don’t go/do/whatever, will somebody die? People tend to lie, so be strict.

Work offline! You don’t need internet connection to work 100% of the time. Disable your connection and work offline. Yes, you can.

Find time for YOU and get your stuff done. Once you’re able to do this, it’ll be easier to focus on the important work.