If you want to read more, you will find the time

This morning I was having lunch with some friends. We were talking about our routines and habits, specifically what we do to go further in our careers.
In the moment I said that I read more than 3 books per week, they were freaking out. But… why?
They were concerned about where I got the time to read so many books and still have time to get the stuff done.
There’s no secret. The key to read more is just start reading everywhere. It’s a matter of being efficient in your life.
Which kind of activities make you succeed more in your career? I’m sure is not Netflix.
Read is as important as eat. You need to fuel your brain.
Always bring a book with you. Read everywhere, at anytime. That’s how you can read several books per week.
Read while you eat if necessary.
If you want, you will find the time.