It's your fault if you don't get artists in your company

It’s interesting that workers (not artists) are the people who just send resumes and they expect a great job. Don’t follow the rules, please.
The problems are:

1.- Where to find great people.

2.- How to attract them.

It’s not only their fault. It’s yours.
So, how do we attract artists?
Being sexy.
Stop blaming the market. You need to look sexy to the eyes of your potential talents.
If you’re not sexy for them, you will only receive resumes. And that sucks. Because you won’t find talent in a generic resume that has been sent to hundreds of companies.
Talented people don’t send resumes. You need to go outside to find them.
Don’t wait for it. They’re not gonna come. Instead, find where they’re hidden and contact them. Maybe they’re working for another company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t establish a contact.
Start making a relationship with them, showing that you company is cool (it has to be cool if you what to find artists). You need to leave a conversation opened for the future (if they don’t want to change their current job).
Work this from the inside. A good starting point is to change your website and make an appealing company profile, where you show why you are cool, and why they should work with you.
This is the only way to avoid resumes and find artists.
Make your company sexy to their eyes.