Testing the difference and making money with it

Lately I’ve observed that Evernote changed their conditions and they are pushing users to get a premium account.
People complained a lot about why is better to change to another platform, because they are several free options in the market.
I’m an Evernote user. And definitely, I love it.
Evernote knows it. They have revamp the structure through tests so many times, that at the end you, the user, have no choice. You will love it.
When something makes our lives easier, we appreciate it. We pay money for it. It doesn’t matter what people say, at the end you will pay it.
So, how do we achieve this level of loyalty? Through tests.
Evernote did the homework. That’s where the difference resides and why you are willing to pay the year bill. They tested a lot, and the final experience the user gets is fantastic.
The beauty of testing is that you can enhance in such a good way everything you do, that you will be able to change the status quo and make a difference.
How do we know if something is working? We don’t know it… yet. We need to test to see which stuff is likely to succeed.
When was the last time you made a test of your idea/product/whatever?
How many times per day/week do you test?
Do you want to make a difference? Test your stuff and find the way to make our lives easier.