Checklists as a lifestyle

When you are managing a team is easy to waste time repeating the stuff over and over again. Sometimes is because you don’t spend enough time with it, or simply just because they don’t get it. If you are in this situation, you have realized that this lack of efficiency is consuming your time and energy. To fix this, the best way is to create checklists.
Checklists for everything, even for yourself, because you can forget stuff (I do it all the time!)
A checklist should be an easy document where you cover all the steps you need to get something done, including instructions for dummies.
Add every single detail you can easily miss (because there is any chance to forget it, you will).
Checklists will make your life easier, saving time and in some cases, helping you to prevent a disaster.
Give them a try. I promise you they’ll improve your efficiency, and the people that works with you, will be happier.
A simple check of all the steps before doing something can make a huge difference!