Good trailers and great movies

When we want to find a movie to watch, what we usually do is going to Youtube and explore some trailers to pick a great one. I don’t know you but for me, every time happens the same. I watch a cool trailer and I say, wow! This one looks interesting!. However, after the first half an hour of the movie, you discover the movie’s as bad as the last one you watched. Damn it!
Making trailers is an art. You need to sale them in usually less than two minutes, trying to find a way to wake up the desire in the consumers.
Here we can identify two kind of movies:
The first ones, I call them the all in movies. There’s no more than 2 minutes of interesting content in the whole movie, so what they do with them, is just taking those two minutes and converting them into a trailer. It usually covers sex scenes and a couple of gunshots.
On the other hand, we have great movies. This is down to earth, in the way that sells you exactly what you are expecting (and if you’re lucky, more than that). Here, you can expect a great movie, because the production starts on the product, and after that the promotion. No the other way around.
This can be applied with all kind of products. You can sell all in’s, what means crap, and get your consumers really angry. Or you can sell great movies, real products focused on the final consumers, not only the promotion. This is where you get an audience talking about your product and spreading it to others.
Alas, there are still hundreds of companies doing all in strategies, just trying to generate cash. But, the market is demanding more a more great movies. We need them.
What do you prefer to sell, a good trailer or a great movie?