“I think you should do this”

The majority of people will try to tell you how to do your job. This should be done in this way… That’ll never work… Who did this?? … But don’t worry, that’s a good signal.
In this case, you just need to listen nobody, because if you do, you will be trapped in the mediocrity, in the comfort zone where nobody has grievances about your work.
You don’t need to care of these comments, they’re just a distraction. Be careful, they can influence your focus and, if you’re not used to, they can get you really angry.
Focus and forget it. Doing a good stuff always comes with external opinions.
Don’t be in that side please. Complaining is easy and it gets you nowhere. Being a doer is different. If you deeply think that something is not good… Find a solution. It’s not you should do this, is I think this way could work better, let me explain to you the proposal I made to improve it.
Actually, 90 % of the people that complains, just don’t want to find a better way, it’s just their lifestyle. Avoid them!
Instead, be opened for the people that really wants to help you.
Anyway, if everybody agrees in your work, you should change it. On the other hand, if there’s people telling you how to do your job, you’re in the correct path.
Good stuff comes with it, so identify the crap, avoid it, and focus.