I’ve paid for it… So I stay!

I really love to go to the movies. Big screen, amazing sound, popcorn… It’s an experience. But lately, it’s difficult to find a good movie to watch… Damn, it really is.
What do you do when you go to watch a movie, and they just sold you a good trailer? You get nuts. You expected a great movie, and at the end is worse than the last one you watched.
So, what do you do in that case? Do you stay in the cinema or you leave? If you think about it, if you are doing something you don’t enjoy at all, you just should stop it.
The problem comes when money is involved. I’ve heard dozens of times.. I’ve paid for it, so I stay until the movie ends!
There’s no reason to keep warming the chair just because you paid for it. In fact, is even worse than you think, because you wasted your money… and your time.
Is there any situation in your life you can approach with this takeaway? Just modify the variables and you’ll see how sometimes our ego is killing us.