Makeup in your reasoning

It doesn’t matter whether something is true or false. What matters is the context.
Does A go to B? It depends.
Proofs can show that something is true but, does it make sense?
In marketing is usually pretended to justify why something will work, and find ways to prove it. Of course you will find a way to say that something is true–every kid is capable to find reasonable arguments why candy’s healthy. However, we are not in the business to convince ourselves. We are in the business to put the stuff into REAL context.
The truth is, we need to listen a lie to prove that the strategy is the correct one.
As the consumer that find some arguments a priori and a posteriori of the purchase, to justify why that is the best product she could buy; in your company the process is the same, but the consequences are way worse that making a mistake when buying a smartphone.
Avoid the makeup in your strategy and be as realistic as possible. Maybe that’ll save your ass more than once.