What's your story?

Stories are more powerful than we think they are. If you look closely to the market, top companies have a story to tell, build in a meticulously way to engage the consumers who want to know more about it. However, what we don’t realize is.. this can be apply to you, your brand.
Last week I was having dinner with a friend. We ended talking about how to build your personal brand. At one point, I asked her what was her story. But she didn’t know what to answer.
Of course she has a story to tell. At the end she connected some dots of her past and the story was interesting.
Nonetheless, if you want to create a big impact, you have to work in your story beforehand. For the next time someone asks you about your career, profile, interests… whatever, you will have something to tell.
Don’t get me wrong. Stories are different than bullshit. Your story has to be real, don’t lie. Everybody has something interesting to share, so don’t take the shortcut, and think about it carefully. Because we already know how a good story is made.
Next time, when someone asks about your story, you will have it prepared. And I hope you engage them with it.
Stories are powerful. They are the way to make the impact you want, and can be applied to your profile.
Go. Work on your own story.