Artists and great ideas

I remember few years ago the moment when I found a great idea. I was thrilled. I had a great idea! But at the end, you realize that having a great idea is not the point, but having a lot of them to find the great one is.
Scott Adams once said…”Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
I like this quote, but I like it even more when is translated into idea generation and selection.
Let’s say that creativity allows you to create thousands of ideas, but knowing which one to pick is the art.
Here we can remark two points about artists:

1. Artists create too many ideas.

2. Artists reject ideas to pick the right ones.

Read these two points again. Artists create and reject ideas.
Being creative is one step of the process. An important one, but putting creativity into a strategic view is where art resides.
Everybody can be creative, but only artists pick the right stuff amid the clutter.