Fire alarm

I’ve never experienced the sound of a fire alarm until this morning. I was reading, lied down in my bed when suddenly I heard the alarm. Everything goes really fast and you’re not aware of your movements, but your reptilian brain is agile and makes you jump off.
The first reaction I had was to take one second (only one) to make sure that the sound of fire alarm is real (reptilian brain tasks).
After jumping off the bed, in just few seconds you know exactly what to do and how to do it. In these, let’s say five seconds, I was able to prioritize what’s important and what’s not. So you make a plan to take the stuff you need in a record time.
In less than one minute I was ready to leave with the indispensable, but suddenly… the alarm stopped. (I double checked outside just to be sure!)
I found myself in front of door at the corridor with my bag ready to leave, with only the stuff I truly needed. Only the indispensable stuff.
After finding myself with a silly face because the race, intermediately I asked myself… What do we actually need in life? Because I wasn’t going to miss the possessions I left at the apartment.
This question can be applied to your personal and professional life.
In this case, this situation was particularly different, there was an alarm that alerted me of the peril, but in the most circumstances of your life, you won’t have that alarm that tells you hurry up get your stuff and leave!
The gap between what think you need and what you actually need, is the answer you will get in the moment you hear the alarm.
What’s indispensable for your life/business and what is not?
You need to resolve this question before is too late, because remember… you won’t hear the sound of the alarm.