Idea's folder

Twyla Tharp in her book The Creative Habit, talks about starting a project with a box. Before you can think outside the box, you have to start with a box.
The idea behind is, in the moment you start a project, pick a box, write the name on it, and put anything you can gather into it. When you want to find something, you go there directly. There’s no way you can lose your focus, or direction. You can go there when you feel out of the track and get back on it again.
Whether is a box or no, you just need a place to put the stuff from the beginning.
I usually gather my business ideas in Evernote. It’s an easy way to track them.
What I haven’t realized is the need to move the ideas around. Touch them. Feel them. Inspect them. Transform them. And the only way to do this is to liberate your head, writing them down, and having instant access. That’s how you release the creative guy.
Using paper is critical. That’s why I use a folder to put all the ideas together. Having visual clues make you think. In Evernote they’re hidden, from time to time I open the folder and take a look. But seeing and touching ideas, forces me to think about them every time.