Keeping the focus

You start a project, campaign, or a blog post. You have a clear idea in mind of what you should focus on, but at the end, after a few words, few actions… you loose the focus.
It’s not intentionally this lack of focus. Sometimes we just have so many thoughts in our head and we can’t keep the focus. That’s why you should make it easier for you.
Having a reminder is the best way of keeping the focus on the main objective.
Try to put some post-its in your screen, a customized wallpaper, alarms in your calendar or whatever you need to remind you, what should be the main objective of the project. Otherwise, you can loose the focus.
And that happens even in short blog posts. If you don’t write down the main takeaway of the post, you will loose the direction writing about a lot of things. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. Actually is good, because you will have more content for future posts.
After writing a bit, check the objective of the post and organize its content. Everything that doesn’t fit, put it away in the idea’s folder.
Remember, have a clear focus of what’s your main objective, and have some reminders to keep you in the track.