Matching patterns

One of the top of mind questions when you observe some successful people is… Alright, how do you get the time to get all that stuff done? It’s simple (but hard to apply), they just match patterns.
You can organize everything you do in order to achieve more. That’s what professionals do.
The question is straightforward… What’s the pattern you can relate with the activity you want to do?
What’s the pattern you can easily create that would boost another aspect in your life/business?
In my case, one of the patterns I use is related with the book review section. Creating at least one review per week, allows me to read more books, and at the same time, it gives me the boost I need for my career. And it’s the same for the blog. Publishing a post per day forces me to think further; constantly trying to expand my vision span in different ways. It forces me to learn more about my field.
Do you want to write a book? What about if you just start blogging about a particular topic and when the times come, you have tons of posts to publish it?
There are hundreds of possible combinations for your patterns, you just need to find the ones that allow you to improve in another activities.
What can you do to boost your results by matching patterns?