Saving energy

Sometimes people will tell you what you should do, in those moments you will feel the urge to justify your work or why something is in one way or another. Nonetheless, if you continuously do this, you’re gonna waste the energy of your day.
Each day we have an amount of energy. You can take as many cups of coffee you want, but our energy is limited. So, knowing that our batteries decrease with every action, we should distribute it carefully.
If you want to discuss some stuff, is good, you will force yourself to find a better way to tackle some work, or just another point of view for a particular topic. However, there are some situations when you just don’t need to explain things to people, that you know in advance they are gonna decrease your battery level, rather that charging it.
Don’t feel the urge to argue everything, it will get you nowhere and you’ll feel tired after that. Instead, choose carefully the topics and the people to discuss them, because in the end, you can focus your energy in the work that matters.