Strategic viewers

When I go to the movies I’m still surprise when people still get the first seat’s line to watch a movie. Nobody can enjoy a movie from there.
On the other hand, picking a seat at the last line is the best thing in the world. You watch the movie, having a great perspective and enjoy it.
Sometimes when I’m involved with a project I can experience this same situation. Everyday you get so deep into it, that you’re only able to see the details. I’m in the first line. I can’t see the whole picture. And at this point, the work is compromised.
Focusing on details is a must, but if you get too involved, people won’t get it.
I usually said that in my head everything was clear at that point, but it wasn’t. If I would had a clear understanding I would’ve been able to communicate the content perfectly.
The solution? Picking a seat at the end of the cinema to watch the movie.
But not always, going back and forth is the point. Being able to get involved into a project and cover the details. Taking the position as a viewer will give us the perspective we need to see the whole picture and analyze the situation strategically.
If you feel stuck with a project or swamped in details, pick the popcorns and go to the furthest seat.