Waiting for a hamburger

Yesterday’s evening I went to the KFC to have a hamburger. I’m not a big fun of fast food, but… one day is one day!
I was waiting in the line to order, I had like five or six people in front of me. And it wasn’t fast!
In that moment I looked to the main door, and I saw some machines to order whatever you want. It was quicker (nobody was using them) and it was more comfortable, because you don’t have the pressure to decide what you want to order, while the KFC’s staff is waiting for you, plus the angry faces of the people waiting for you.
It was a good deal!
However, I stayed in the line. Waiting to those five or six people to order in the traditional way.
There’s no doubt that the system is better for the consumers and the company (maybe not for the future jobs of the staff), but it’s clear that something didn’t engaged us.
Selling change is hard.