What acting can teach us about marketing

If you love movies as I do, you can notice when a good actor/actress is making a great interpretation. She’s so involved in her role, that she transmits the emotion as it would be in real life. This is a deep acting where she put herself in the skin of the character. And that’s the key of everything.
In the opposite side of deep acting, we have the superficial one. The actor/actress tries to communicate the role, but she’s not involved. She tries, but we can see how fake it is. We can find this in all in movies.
The point here is, when you are making a superficial acting, you try to emulate the role, but you don’t know how it would feel. Nonetheless, when you make a deep act, you put yourself literally in the skin of your character. You experience the same emotions because you push yourself to. In fact, some top actors live for a while as the character they have to interpret.
This can perfectly be applied to marketing.
We have the superficial actors. First they think in their own benefits, and secondly, they try to see how to push their product to the market. They don’t understand what the market wants. They haven’t experienced what feels to live like their potential consumers.
On the other hand, we have the winners. Deep acting is about thinking in the market first, involving yourself in your consumers’ mind. Only in that way you’ll come with a product that fits in the market perfectly, because you have experience what your consumers feel.
There’s a huge difference between superficial and deep acting. And one of the reason why some companies are so annoying is because they practice superficial acting. But, you know now that the key is to get a deep experience of what your consumers do.
If you want to understand your consumers, you need to think and experience things as they do.