When good enough isn't enough

Project got delays all the time. We deal with delays every day, but we rarely do something about it. They can be caused by external factors that are out of our control, but the majority of the time we can solve them–just is needed to take action and launch it.
But we won’t launch it. We want to wait until we have the perfect version of it. But, sadly, what we don’t know is that we’ll find two kind of consequences:

1. Lack of knowledge. Not information, but knowledge of the experience applied to the product. That’ll tell us directly the main reactions of the market. We won’t know this unless we launch. (Yes, we can make test as simulations, but it’s the launch that provides real feedback.)

2. Missing the gap. Right feedback at the right time is one of the keys for success. If we wait, we won’t know, and we might loose the opportunity to enter in a market.

It’s true that waiting sometimes is the right choice, but here is different—I talk about wait just because we want to have the perfect product. Just because we want to polish details.
If your product is good enough, just launch it. If it covers the main topics and get the job done, do it. Launch.
To be clear, good enough is not synonym of mediocrity. Forget that. It’s only when it gets the job done, but it’s not an excuse for mediocrity.
Don’t wait until you have the perfect product, if the one you already have works perfectly. Launch that one today, tomorrow you’ll have time to make it GREAT.