4500 minutes

A couple of months ago I finished the famous advertising series Mad Men. A fantastic entertainment about the ad world in the 1950s and 1960s, that took me several hours to finish it.
Even if I enjoyed it (which I did), I’m going to be realistic and analyze the opportunity cost it has supposed to me.
Mad Men has 7 seasons, with approximately 90 episodes. With 50 minutes per episode I spent 4500 minutes with it. 75 hours of my time.
Damn it… I shouldn’t have done the math.
75 hours it’s a lot of time. I’m not saying I regret it, but with that time I could learn a new skill.
Actually you need around 20 hours to get the basics of a new skill (you can watch an interesting talk about this topic in TED here). I got the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in the half of the time that took me Mad Men.
You just need to decide to learn something new, and make the time. Instead of watching an episode before sleeping, you can spend that hour learning a new skill.
There are no excuses. So next time, when you’re about watching the first episode of a new serie, ask yourself, what skill could I learn instead watching this?
[PS: I’m not saying that you shouldn’t watch movies or series. I love them too, but if you want to learn something new this is the path. The problem is that people don’t want it badly enough.]