Building a dome in Florence

Better an imperfect dome in Florence than cathedrals in the clouds.- Battista Alberti
I love this quote. It’s so simple that goes straight to the point.
What’s the easiest and simplest way to put you idea into the market? Do that.
You think less than you think to test a business idea. As Steven Pressfield, breaks down in Do The Work, you need a three act structure: Beginning, Middle and End.
Well, the end is your goal. The business model you have in your head. We start at the end. Cool, as we should do. So now, go to the beginning and find the way to make it happen. That means finding the easiest way that can put you in the map.
Can you prove your idea? Sure, but before jumping into the pool, make sure you can run it simple first.
PS: I really like one case study from Noah Kagan, here’s the link.