Get out the way!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the autobahn. But, if you haven’t, autobahn is the famous German’s highway where you can drive you car as fast as you want. If you go there, you’ll notice that if you put you car in the left side, you have to ride at the average speed (+200 km/h), otherwise, get out! the way!
This morning I was reading an interesting report in Trend Watching about the future of luxury (must read, click here to go there). It’s really interesting. You can see the evolution of the market and how the consumer is evolving.
After reading it, I was thinking in other markets and how they are evolving as well. And the point is, which market is not evolving? They are changing fast. Really fast.
We, the consumers, are driving in the autobahn at +250 km/h. Some companies know that, so they join us with the same speed.
Nonetheless, a lot of companies don’t increase their speed, they don’t understand the market. They claim to know their customers better than anyone, but the reality is different.
And the problem of these companies is when they try to drive in the left side of the highway.
Every company should ask themselves… Are we changing at the same speed as the market does?