Loving the process

Doing research for a project is one of the things I really enjoy. Read books about one theme, test ideas, talk with people to keep digging, and several other steps. It’s pure entertainment. But it’s dangerous.
In hindsight, I see myself losing time focusing in the wrong stuff, instead of focusing on making it happen.
Reading books wasn’t the problem, they are necessary. The problem was taking no¬†action, focusing on small details that wouldn’t make any difference in the end.
Cutting time where you get an important outcome is not the point (like reading, but don’t let the books stop you for making the work). Nonetheless, finding a balance to make it happen is the real goal.
Do research, but don’t let it get it the way. Because, being ready to do amazing stuff is not the final goal. Doing it, is.
You should’ve started yesterday, so get back to work.