Quantity then quality

Sticking to publishing a post a day is one of the best decisions I’ve ever done. It’s more difficult that it seems, but in the end, it pays off.
The first excuse you get the first time you face this option is, I rather stay with some cool posts per month, because I prefer to offer quality. You can think that, but it’s not the point.
Quality comes with the quantity. As much as you write, as much as you force yourself to think further—even if you think a post won’t be as good as you think, just try to type it. Most of the times you’ll find a way to make it remarkable (and if not, you don’t publish it.)
It’s the act of writing that pushes you to think every day, what pays off.
[PS: Don’t get me wrong. Not all the blogs out there have the same objectives. Here you can find a post from unbounce of why to treat posts as campaigns. But you can write everyday to get a better quality.]