The car that didn’t see the sunlight

That was me, few years ago.
I loved cars. I spent too many hours in that garage, fixing cars with my brother and performing them.
After I bought one of my first cars, I decided that it wasn’t enough, so I bought another one. I wanted it to be one the top cars out there. So I started to buy a lot of performance parts. It was awesome, looked incredible. But in the end it didn’t ride. I sold it.
Few years later I decided to buy another car (the one in the picture), and make it awesome as well. I didn’t even think to make it run before it was ready, I just wanted to make it perfect to conquer the circuits. But guess what? I didn’t ride either.
What’s the takeaway here? It’s the same story as you’ll see in Traction, you can focus on the product 100%, but if you don’t get traction, the project will be gone.
That’s the reason hundreds of startups don’t take off. You need to focus on traction at least the 50% of your efforts rather than wait for the perfect product that maybe nobody will want.
Put your car on the street before it’s ready.