Too smart for that

In Mindset, Carol S. Dweck in one of the chapters talks about how to deal and motive kids. She says that if a kid accomplishes something you should never point out how smart she is and little effort it took her. Instead, you should remark the effort she made to succeed in something.
The problem of pointing out how smart is the kid, it wouldn’t help her because she would stop doing things where she thinks she is not going to look smart. The problem with this is that the kid will start with excuses of why she shouldn’t do this or that.
Even in that chapter of the book talks about kids, we, the adults, do the same all the time. We put excuses for everything. When we foresee a minimal failure and we flee through excuses.
Because we want to look smart, the funny part in fact is, afterwards, we hear things like I should’ve stayed, I’m sure I would’ve succeed.
Everybody can fall in this trap. The key is to identify when our egos can influence our decisions just because we won’t look smart.
Where are your excuses heading you to?