What's your training camp?

In my first projects I remember I said more than once I wish I could fix this now, because I have no idea.
In hindsight, I can understand some of the main failures I had. The best way to launch a project is to start before you’re ready. The truth is, you will never be 100% ready, but you can train yourself to be ready when the situation gets tough.
Having and planning your own training camp will help you to be ready. You’re working out in the dark, where the real world is not watching you, so when you jump into the light, you’ll be almost ready.
Having a training camp is essential. So I’m going to share with you my three key activities I do that I consider as my training camps.

1) My blog. At the beginning posting a post per day is not easy, it takes time, but the training worth a lot. But it’s not only about writing. You can learn about how to market, to code, to be productive, and so many other activities that’ll help when the time comes.

2) Having a virtual assistant. This one is not cheap, but it would make your life easier. It provides you an incredible training on how to manage people, and having someone that backs you up, helps to increase your productivity. It lets you to focus on the work that matters.

3) Additional projects. I’m always working in new projects that can convert into a real business. Imagine if every single day you make the time and commitment to work in a project. Let’s say you decide to work on a project for an hour. It seems not that much, but in 1 or 2 months working on something, it can get real. If it works, all the time you’ve spend in the dark training with it, it will worth. If it doesn’t work, you’ve learn something new, for sure.

These are my top 3 training basic camps. And after several months I can see the results. It’s working.
The payoff in the long run is big.
Defining your training is as important as when you jump into the real world.