Filling words with words

Few years ago I worked as a journalist in a car’s blog in Spain, where I wrote around 3 or 4 post per day. There, I learned that most of the times, posts are measured in how many words you type. After that, comes quality.
In that time, of course I cared about quality, but what I didn’t notice was that I was screwing the quality while reviewing the second.
In the second draft I tried to fill the posts with words until I achieve around 700 or 800. Big mistake.
Almost all journalists don’t write for the reader, they write based on the industry’s standard. Because everybody’s doing the same.
I dare you to write quality.
Ideas are not counted by the number of words you type.
If you can say something in one sentence, why filling it with more words to look cool? If your main purpose is to write something cool, deconstruct the sentence until you achieve its pure state.