Finding inspiration

I remember four years ago when I started to design one of my first websites. I started it from the scratch, making everything original. The result? It was bad as hell. I didn’t realize that I could accomplish more just spending more time finding inspiration.
After this mess I started another website. I decided this time I would do it from a website with similar characteristics as mine, and I would steal the design.
Have you just said steal? Look around you, there’s nothing 100% original. Everything starts with something that already exists.
Stealing is the first step creative people take. You can see it in the books Steal Like An Artist or The Creative Habit.
You’re probably thinking now… But you don’t know if it will work for your project. And that’s the beauty of it. You start with something stolen (let’s call it a template) and you test it. There’s never a common pattern for everything, so you revamp it in your own way until it works.
At the end you’ll have in your hands something totally different. You’ll have your own masterpiece that started with something stolen.
What do you think creative people mean when they say let’s find some inspiration?