Heavy lifting

​Few years ago I took the gym seriously. I loved it. Everything wad about an strong commitment with yourself. Train hard, follow a diet, rest well and in the end it will payoff. But behind everything was a hidden secret.
I followed a sharp schedule. Once and I arrived to the gym, I was totally focused and motivated.
Even though I was motivated, I perfectly remember when I was in my best shape. And the secret behind it was the people that helped me there when I needed it.
There were some people that helped me to give it all. They were winners.
Once you are working out, you know that if someone is helping you, lifting more weight becomes way easier. It’s not because they help you (usually the best ones make you suffer), it’s because you know that someone is watching your back and in the worse case you have an emergency exit.
And you know what? In the end I could manage the weight by myself without their physical help.
Though, the psychological help is what matters. If you have someone watching your back, you will give the best of yourself.