Increasingly harder

It was the beginning of my second university’s course when I decided that I wanted to work right away in marketing. I thought, I’ll start looking for a job tomorrow. I was fucked. In the end, I knew I wasn’t gonna do a shit.
I waited until the end of that course to find a job. It took a while since I decided it to the point when I finally started to look. And every month became harder and harder to do something about it.
It was painful.
I thought that I could wait a little bit more through all kind of excuses. Until the day I stopped and said, move your ass and start looking for a job.
This was one of few times that I got comfortable, procrastinating something I knew in advance I should be doing in that moment. The truth is, the longer you wait, the harder it gets. Plus, the likelihood to make it happen falls down. So, as soon as you start, less painful it will become.
The good news for you is, once you stop complaining and start doing the work, you’ll see how it becomes easier and easier to avoid procrastination. Nonetheless, you’re probably thinking about what you should be doing today. By the time you finish this post you will say to yourself, tomorrow I’ll start doing it… You’re fucked.
It takes guts to cut the spiral and start doing something.
So, what’s the excuse for today?