How I saved my ass backing up my files

Last week I’ve been through some technical problems. I thought it was the end of the world. My website crashed, so I couldn’t recover the files–and my laptop’s hard disk stopped working. But, somehow, I foresaw this situation, because I had backed up my files
Since a month ago I had a warning notice with my website, so I decided to backup all the files. From that moment, I started to upload all my important documents to Dropbox and use an external hard disk.
If you think paying a monthly fee for a storage service is a waste of money, you’ll see when you lose your content. Oh man, that’ll be expensive.
That small time I spent backing up my files, saved my ass. I’m glad I started doing it.
Save your designs, documents, everything. Put an alarm in your phone to do it once per week if you do it manually. Or find an automated system to schedule it.
Believe me, when it happens (and it will) you will thank me.