School vs. Education

In the last years I’ve encountered a lot of people who just stopped improving their education when they finish their studies. It can take the form of school, high-school, university or whatever—because the patterns are the same. They go there, study the lesson, make an exam and in the end, forget everything.
The problem started when school was built for a mass market—what means the same for everybody. That ain’t work anymore. And that’s the reason why so many people hate school. But education is different. It means the transition when you are forced to study something you don’t want (school), to the moment you are excited about a topic and, by your own will, you want to learn more about it.
Although you learned a lot in your bachelor degree or your fancy master; education is something that needs to be treated and fed always, not just once in a lifetime. At this point, everybody should rethink their education as a constant matter that needs to be fulfilled. Not merely something where you go once in your life and you forget.
The collateral damage is when people think about school as education. And they stop. Because they think about it as a temporal punishment, rather than something that last forever.

School was built for a mass market. Education can be customized to your own needs.

School increases your lack of interest. Education is exciting.

School steals dreams. Education fulfills them.

School is a transition. Education is forever.

We can blame the system, and we could write a book about why school ain’t work anymore. But we can also do something about it, taking over the control of our education.
If you want you can go back to the university and keep learning (with a different mindset, not as a punishment)—but you can also can read books, blogs, taking online courses… There are so many options to choose.
Pick the medium you want, but education is a must.