Taking risks when there's no choice

​A couple of days ago was I was in a plane back to Spain, one of the first communications the airline’s staff said was, if you have a Samsung Note 7, please switch it off. The explosions of their phone have become to far, so they have to take some risks if they want to get back into the business.
Living in China I’ve notice that everybody uses phone payments, and basically they have 3 main platforms, Alipay, Wechat payments and Apple Pay. The market is quite established in that way, so there’s no room for more (at a first glance).
However, in Europe, there’s no dominant platform for mobile payments. Every company is trying to get a gap in it, but it’s difficult.
What I found interesting with the Samsung’s case, is that right away they had these explosions problems they started to take risks, and that means pushing the market to get their gap with Samsung Pay.
I’m sure, if they wouldn’t have had this crucial issue that generated billions of dollars in losses, they wouldn’t be pushing mobile payments as they are doing right now in Europe.
Sometimes we just need to be pushed to the edge to start doing something. Until that, we are just comfortable. However, change always comes from difficult situations.
It’s time to take risks.